30 Day Penis Enlargement Challenge Day # 3

Third day of my 30 Day Penis Enlargement Challenge

Start off with the warm up, always start off with the warm up. The goal of the warm up is to loosen up the penis and the ligaments around the penis. This will prevent injuries that come from the coming workout and will also give you a more efficient stretch workout.

Warm up

5 mins of a hot rag press… squeezing the penis and pressing against the full groin region, looking to get the muscles of the penis warm up and loosened up.


After a good warm up, making sure my penis and the surrounding muscles are good and warm, I moved to the stretching routine.
Starting off I pull straight out for 1 minute (60 seconds). after the 60 seconds I relax for about 10 seconds, then I did about 10 kegals to get some blood back into the penis before moving on to stretching in a different directions.
I repeat this same processes. Out. Up. Down. Left. Right.
60 seconds in each Direction and 10 kegals in between each direction.
After going through each direction I then Repeat the Process for a total of 2 sets.
This part of the routine should take about 10 minutes.


After going through my stretching routine I then move on to the Jelq routine.
I first get my lubricants ready and lubricate the penis. I use a mixture of coconut oil and cocoa butter lotion.
Today i set the timer to 6 minutes and starting in on the jelqs. Focusing on quality 2-3 second jelqs.


After finishing up my jelq routine, I finished off Day # 3 with 40 kegals. an increase of 5 kegals over yesterdays kegal workout.

Summary & Thoughts

I thought today went well, my workout felt good, I could see a big difference in size after completing the jelq routine, I felt much thicker and fuller. I’m looking forward to seeing how much I will gain over the next 29 days. The key is to be consistent with the workouts and slowly increase the intensity over time.
So again, Happy New Year!!!
I hope you decide to come with me on this journey and see how big we can get over the next 30 days and start off the new year and new decade with making the commitment to changing our lives and making this year the best we’ve ever had.
Have an awesome day guys.

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