30 Day Penis Enlargement Challenge Day # 1

Today was the first day of the 30 day challenge. Starting off the first thing I am going to do is get my starting measurements.



  • Flaccid Non Bone Pressed Length- 4.5″
  • Flaccid Bone Pressed Length- 5″
  • Erect Non Bone Pressed Length- 6.75


  • Flaccid Girth- 4.75″
  • Erect Girth- 5.5″

After getting my measurements I moved into starting my routine. The starting point of every routine is going to be the


My goal and target is to gain .5 inches in length and .25 inches in girth. These are not incredibly large numbers that a penis pill company will promise you like gain 2″ in 2 weeks.
I wanted to make these numbers realistic and attainable. If you are coming along with me on this 30 Day Challenge then i recommend that you do the same. This stuff works and your penis will grow and get bigger at long as your doing the exercises and routine on a consistant basis. This is not a magic pill though, your penis will not grow 2″ in 2 weeks. So be realistic with your goals, commit to put in the consistent daily work, learn the exercises and slowly increase the intensity and over the next 30 days and you will have a much larger penis and as a result change your life, improve the sex your having, build your confidence, possibly even save your marriage or relationship.


I used a rag and ran it under hot water to get the rag hot. I then wrapped it around my penis looking to get my penis loosened up. I also pressed the rag or the rest of the pelvic region looking to get the rest of the ligaments and tendons in that region warmed up and loose.
You can also you a rice sock, putting the sock in the microwave for 30 seconds and warming up the penis getting it ready for the workout.


I Started up the workout with the basic stretching routine.
I did this for 1 minute per direction for 2 cycles/sets


After the stretching routine I then moved on to the jelq routine.
5 minutes of 2-3 second jelqs witch came out to be about 100 jelqs for the first workout of the challenge.


After the jelq routine I moved to the last part of the workout, kegals.
I did 30 reps. and called it a workout.


20 minutes including the warm up.


This was the 1st day of the 30 Day Challenge. I thought this was a good start to the challenge, i was able to get up and do my routine before heading to work. I wrote down all my starting measurments and recorded my workout routine. I highly recommend that you write down and record your workout and your measurements so you know where you stand with your current penis size and also the workout you did so you can slowly up the intensity of the workout as your move through your own 30 days challenge.

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